Charterville Care’s Support services are used primarily upon return home following discharge from hospital or specialist rehabilitation centre, but are also frequently used to support clients with their recovery and rehabilitation whilst in hospital, where we work alongside medical professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech Therapists.

Charterville believes strongly in working closely with hospital discharge teams for a period of time prior to the client’s discharge. This is in order to establish the appropriate ongoing care programme and ensure a smooth transition to the home environment and is especially relevant as many of our clients have spent considerable time in hospital away from home, often running into several years, prior to returning home on a permanent basis.

Charterville provides a range of support services aimed to develop independence and assist with rehabilitation into society for clients with varying levels of ability.

Support may involve:

  1. Assistance with personal care.
  2. Support and help with running of the household and independent living (e.g. paying bills, cleaning, shopping, meals, gardening, planning the household).
  3. Helping to cope with anxiety and memory problems, and with rebuilding confidence.
  4. Working with the client to familiarise them with living in their local Community.
  5. Assistance with re-developing social skills, including behavioural difficulties and speech therapy.
  6. Exercise programmes (e.g.: swimming, walking, gym and home physio assistance).
  7. Assistance with college/work placements.
  8. Help and familiarisation with use of public transport.
  9. Overnight support.
  10. Developing a new fulfilling way of life, including assisting with hobbies and social activities.

Support packages are tailor-made for each individual according to their needs abilities and objectives, and may include the setting of specific goals for each stage of recovery and rehabilitation, e.g. personal care – washing and dressing, independent use of public transport, or solo bus ride.  The client is fully involved in planning the support package, and in the regular progress reviews.

Charterville will allocate a small team of Support Workers briefed on the specific requirements appropriate to the individual case, always overseen by an experienced office-based manager.

In order for clients to achieve their full potential, Charterville strongly believes in working closely with both family members and other health professionals such as:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Speech TherapistsOccupational Therapists
  • Consultants
  • Care Managers
  • Social Services and Health Departments